COVID 19 Blurred Barbershop Protocals

 By Appointment (Walkins accepted based on availabilty)

Come to Appointment alone unless needed
Wait until your appointment time to come inside

Wash Hands or use sanitizer provided upon arrival
Keep 2M apart from eachother
 Wear a mask while getting serviced (can be provided)

New cape for every client will be provided 

If you have symptoms of covid 19 or a family member has symptoms or confirmed , Please cancel your appointment

At Blurred Barbershop we take pride in providing a clean and safe environment,

-Barbers will be wearing masks 

-Stations are 6 feet part from each other

-Cleaning and disinfecting Chair and Tools after every client

-Freshly washed Cape for every client

Thank you everyone for their patience and support during these different times , Blurred Barbershop